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Spiritleaf SK Online is Open For Business - Same Day Delivery, Curbside and In-Store Pickup Available. Our Storefront is Open 7 Days a Week!
Spiritleaf SK Online is Open For Business

Spiritleaf 1 1/4" 100% Hemp Pre-Rolled Cone    

Never let sold-out pre-roll's come between you and your bliss with the help of our premium Spiritleaf Pre-Rolled Cones. Each set comes complete with six 100% hemp 1 ¼” cones, conveniently pre-rolled with Spiritleaf bullet tips and 3 packing straws for effortless filling. Both novice rollers and pro's on-the-go can benefit from the ease and convenience of this indispensable set, simply pack a Spiritleaf Cone with ground flower and elevate your spirit.

Product Information

  • Brand: Spiritleaf