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All In-Stock Cannabis Products

  • Delta 9 Blue Venom

    THC: 10.26%
    CBD: <0-1%

    This sweet tasting Indica is a result of a cross between an award winning Blueberry and an award winning White Widow.

  • Delta 9 Cloud Nine
    Delta 9 Cloud Nine

    Delta 9 Cloud Nine

    THC: 22.50%
    CBD: <1%

    Cloud Nine is manicured to perfection with little to no loose leaf. The aroma is a pungent floral scent with bright olive green coloured buds.

  • Delta 9 Afghani Kush

    THC: 14.00%
    CBD: <0-1%

    Afghani Kush's roots trace back to the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Afghanistan- Pakistan border.  The bud is light green with bright orange ...

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  • Delta 9 Conkushion
    Delta 9 Conkushion

    Delta 9 Conkushion

    THC: 13.60%
    CBD: 0-1%

    Conkusion is quite pungent. It has a skunky aroma, with a nice sweet bottom.