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Spiritleaf SK Online is Open For Business - Same Day Delivery, Curbside and In-Store Pickup Available. Our Storefront is Open 7 Days a Week!
Spiritleaf SK Online is Open For Business
  • Bonify Mazar
    Bonify Mazar

    Bonify Mazar

    THC: 18.68%
    CBD: <0-1%
    from $19.50

    Sweet and spicy-sour with a strong presence of earth and wood. Packed with a Boveda to keep it's freshness!

  • EHT Black Widow

    EHT Black Widow

    THC: 19.30%
    CBD: <0-1%
    Original price $39.95
    Current price $26.95

    Black Widow's powerful lineage of Southern Indian Indica and Pure Brazilian Sativa resulted in a beautiful and balanced, slightly Indica-dominant h...

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  • EHT Lemon Zkittle

    EHT Lemon Zkittle

    THC: 19.60%
    CBD: 0-1%
    Original price $29.95
    Current price $25.99

    High-THC Lemon Zkittle is a pungent sativa with complex notes of spicy caryophyllene, citrusy limonene, and fresh linalool. Buds are bright green a...

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  • Delta 9 Super Lemon Haze

    Delta 9 Super Lemon Haze

    THC: 13.73%
    CBD: <0-1%
    from $14.70

    Super Lemon Haze is a hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. This bud is light green with red hairs. The scent is very zesty, citrusy, and a ...

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    THC: 14.10%
    CBD: <0-1%
    Original price $49.95
    Current price $29.95

    This sativa-dominant ultimate Haze strain was produced by crossing Jack's Cleaner (Jack Herer) and the infamous Space Queen (Cinderella 99). Aromas...

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  • Broken Coast Saturna

    Broken Coast Saturna

    THC: 14-24%
    CBD: <0-1%
    from $26.95

    Saturna (AKA Muskmelon OG) is a Broken Coast original with an exclusive look, flavour and aroma.This amazing strain is the result of complicated in...

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  • Fleurish Social

    Fleurish Social

    THC: 16.98%
    CBD: <0-2%

    Social (Fleurish's proprietary genetic of Mango) is a rare sativa dominant strain with a small amount of CBG. It has a sweet & sour and lemon f...

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